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Balepi Land Surveyors is a well established Tax Compliant B-BBEE Level 1 company in Klerksdorp. Our company consist of a highly motivated team that place client satisfaction above all else. In recent years we have expanded our market from individuals to organizations that contract us to handle large surveying projects because of our impeccable reputation for quality work. We have successfully completed many diverse projects for clients such as the Department of Land Affairs and the Department of Housing. The phrase 'no project too big or small' might sound cliché but it truly has become our company motto. We believe that all our clients deserve the same standard of service regardless of project size.

We go the extra mile!


What sets us apart from our competitors is that we go the extra mile. A project is not complete unless the client is completely satisfied. We also pride ourselves that we are able to keep to strict deadlines and produce excellent quality work in a short space of time.
Here are some of the services we provide:


  • Subdivisions and Consolidations
  • Sectional Titles
  • Amendments to existing diagrams
  • General Plans and Site Plans
  • Servitude Plans
  • Beacon Queries and Relocations
  • Land Surveyor’s Certificates
  • Engineering Surveying


  • Peg installations
  • Measuring and plotting positions of advancing fences
  • 3D Scanning and Profiling of the excavations
  • Measuring of Stockpiles and areas to be rehabilitated


  • Prospecting diagrams
  • Mining Right Diagrams
  • Volume Surveys
  • Rehabilitation and As-Built Surveys

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Meet the team


Professional Land Surveyor, with certification in advanced Mine Survey and Mine Valuation. She has experience in Land Tenure, Surveying and Mapping, Subdivision and Consolidations, Contour Surveys, and Hydrographic Surveying.


Professional Land Surveyor, registered with PLATO, and a member of the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI). He also has more than 30 years experience.


Honours degree in Land Surveying (Geomatics). He has 5 years’ experience in Land Surveying where he did 3D Scanning, Modelling, Subdivision, Relocation, Tache Survey, Engineering Survey, Dam deformation and road levels.


Mathamela has extensive experience as an independent marketing manager and uses his strong attention to detail and exceptional communication skills for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans.

capacity, experience and technical ability


The following is a summary of the larger projects which Balepi Land Surveyors has successfully completed, or which are in progress:

Nr Project Name Client Project Size Brief project description
1 Ipelegeng X6 Maxim Planning Solution 1,100 Stands Survey of Stands
2 Thlabologang X 5 Lekwa-Teemane 700 Stands Survey of Stands
3 Geluksoord X 2 Lekwa-Teemane 800 Stands Survey of Stands
4 Geo-referencing of all Schools in Gauteng Department of Education 2500 Schools GPS positing of all school in Gauteng
5 Etwatwa VIP Consulting 5000 Stands Survey of Stands
6 Etwatwa Ekurhuleni 4500 Stands Survey of Stands
7 Capturing of all Government owned properties in Limpopo Department of Land Affairs 9000 Stands The capturing of all cadastral data
8 Selcourt Mettle 1750 Stands Survey of Stands
9 Cross Border Gauteng Department of Housing 80 000 Stands Land Audit
10 Topographical and Engineering surveys of various towns for the purpose of road construction – NEP Consulting Engineering

Balepi Land Surveyors are one of the first companies in South Africa to use the pioneering and highly versatile GeoSLAM 3D scanner to collect geospatial data from some of the most complex built environments. By using GeoSLAM technology, surveying takes a fraction of the time by creating a highly-accurate 3D point cloud of the surveyed area. Our experienced team can then use this data to produce detailed maps with accuracy that can’t be rivaled by traditional surveying methods.

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